Our Story

We here at True Best Friend have more than just a love of dogs. They are our passion and they are what drive us to be who we are. Everything we do is dedicated and devoted to dogs and, of course, the people that love them. They are the reason we are here. 

Our Mission

Not only do we offer some of the most high-quality, unique, and American-made products — we have a bigger goal in sight. A much bigger goal. Make each and every dog's life better, happier, safer, and loved. 

True Best Friend has a few partnerships that make us very proud — and we think you will be too.

Every Dog Deserves To Be Safe, Healthy, & Loved

One of our partners is the amazing Animal Welfare Institute. This incredible organization's main dedication is to "alleviate the suffering inflicted on animals by people." They aim to put an end to animal cruelty and we wanted to help.

We donate a portion of every single purchase from True Best Friend directly to the Animal Welfare Institute. With just one purchase from our store — YOU are helping put an end to animal abuse and suffering.

Take a look at the most recent precious dogs that True Best Friend has helped save! These beautiful dogs have a home because of YOU.

YOU Can Make A Difference

You can help us with our efforts to save dogs (and animals of all kinds!) just by making one purchase today. It's really that simple.

Our products are the perfect way to let the world know how you feel about dogs — not only your own but all the others that don't have a voice. Help be their voice. Help us take a dog from a bad environment/experience, to a wonderful one!